Wednesday, 7 November 2012

LA MAISON by Kara Town

Kara Town is one half of duo AHD Paper Co. a youthful stationery house producing carefully curated blank greeting cards featuring artworks by a bevy of talented artists. Kara shared with us what constitutes a beautiful home.

The Art Wall

Truth be told, we'd be lost without our art wall, from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. Not only does it hide a multitude of sins in an old home, but it looks aesthetically pleasing and is a great way to get all of your art (and knick knacks) up and out there. We started (quite proudly) with an art wall that has now grown to epic proportions, spreading itself onto another two adjoining walls.


We love both thrifted and inherited dinnerware, alongside some beautiful individual handmade pieces.


When we first got married about 7 years ago we bought a vintage Danish style teak day/night lounge and two chairs, along with a coffee table, from a gorgeous store in Adelaide (where I'm from).  The setting was made in South Australia by TH Brown and is such incredible quality.  It seemed quite an expense for a newly married couple but it's certainly something we will always have. We also have an eclectic array of complimentary furniture, such as: thrifted school chairs, a deco trolley (from our wedding), a Hamburger stool from Third Drawer Down and a pair of Kartell Gnome stools.  Our bedroom furniture was handmade by my father, and is incredibly sentimental. Eclecticism is key.

Organised Chaos

Due to the eclectic nature of our home, it can quickly erupt into chaos if not organised thoroughly.  We tend to move things around now and then, put things away, them take them back out.  We also run AHD PAPER CO. out of a small front studio, there most of all we do need to exercise the concept of 'organised chaos'. 


Recently I've realised the importance of a good indoor plant.  If I can keep them alive long enough, they add a certain charm to a room, not to mention the air purifying element, and the cost cutting on fresh flowers.


We are mad about textiles.  In a small semi, we have many. I'm always buying cushions, much to my husband's horror, I do love our Pendleton cushions the most though.  We have a certain thing for Laura Ashley bedlinen and Missoni towels. Rugs are another love, in our sunroom we have three - a cow hide, a vintage Turkish Kilim and a woven blue geometric floor rug.  My most precious textile is a quilt gifted to me over ten years ago, on my 18th birthday from my Auntie.  It's so well loved it's sadly starting to show signs of age.  We have considered hanging it on the wall, but I still love to cosy up to it, it's a sentimental thing. 

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