Tuesday, 9 October 2012

LA MAISON by Hayley Morgan

LA MAISON is a new series on the FLANNEL blog, where we will invite friends and family to curate images of their dream home, whether that be a tiled Marrakech riad, teeny New York apartment or light-flooded batch in New Zealand; just what to them constitutes a beautiful habitat. 

We are very pleased to have the beautiful Hayley Morgan, editor of The Thousands, as our debut guest blogger and curator.  

Hayley on what makes a house a home: 

Homes are best when they are lived-in. Too many textiles, pyramids of jars cultivating succulents, books piled, and a garden wild with colour and growth. Coloured walls, if not murals, in bathrooms (why are they always medical-white?) and fixtures that might not match. Same goes for the kitchen - things shouldn't match and why do we hide our food away? Fruit, vegetables, and herbs are just as good-looking as flowers. Finally, I like a bedroom that seems calm and comfy; a bed with sheets peeled back so you're easily persuaded to jump in. 


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