Tuesday, 4 September 2012

kristy's top 3 blogs for september

Flannel's Kristy shares with us her top 3 favourite blogs, of the month.

1. The Glow

Edited by US InStyle's Violet Gaynor, The Glow features ethereal mothers with beautiful homes and even more beautiful children.  I adore the incredibly light-filled, dreamy, personal photography by Kelly Stuart. I especially loved seeing the French artist Jade Berreau (partner of the late Dash Snow) and their daughter Secret, in a beautiful little nest in NYC.

2. Shop Ghost

A side project for the talented ex-RUSSH, now Oyster Fashion Editor, Stevie Dance. The site showcases fresh faced beauties, fun collages from Maya Villiger and a personal insight into the beautiful and unexpected inspirations and tastes of Miss Dance herself.  You can also 'shop' the looks she puts together.

3.Garance Doré

Illustrator, photographer, style icon and partner of Scott Schuman, Garance is an oldie but a goodie in the blogosphere.  Incredibly elegant, polished and classically minimalist, Garance oozes that French nonchalance that we all strive for. 

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