Monday, 12 November 2012

E T T E by F L A N N E L

Introducing ETTE, the new basics line from FLANNEL.  Simple, fresh and relaxed, the line boasts a collection of effortless luxe cotton tee-shirts, dresses, refined sweats, cardigans and jeans.   

ETTE is about quiet detailing; a loose collared rugby top, washed cotton rolled sleeves and ribbed pant cuffs create a perfect balance with the simple silhouettes.   Pieces are designed to be paired back with mainline FLANNEL.  An ETTE button up cardigan to layer over a ruffled silk sundress , and slim fit lilac ETTE jeans to accompany an embroidered silk blouse. Together FLANNEL and ETTE form a perfect hybrid. 

In F L A N N E L boutiques now.  The perfect easy Christmas gift.

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  1. These photos are stunning! Absolutely gorgeous, I love the colours - they're peaceful but also vibrant if you know what I mean?

    What an exquisite post!