Tuesday, 30 November 2010

First day of Summer tomorrow - its all about bikinis and those winter rolls!

Home made Sausage Rolls with Tomato Jam

500g sausage mince
1 onion diced
handful of parsley chopped finely
2 gloves garlic crushed
3 eggs
5 pieces of stale bread - into breadcrumbs
good dollop of tomato sauce
same of worcestershire sauce
all purpose seasoning
puff pastry ( take out of freezer to soften )

blend onion parsley and garlic
blend remaining ingredients  ( except pastry of course )
mix above together
lay pastry out
place 2 rows of mince on pastry
fold pastry over ( as photo ) - from bottom and top to form 2 logs
cut pastry down the middle to split into 2 separate logs
cut logs into 4 -5 cm sausage rolls - or bigger - however you like your rolls
bake in oven on baking paper at 180 degrees until golden brown and puffed
( or place in snap log bags and freeze )
serve with Tomato Jam
NB we always cook one first to check for seasoning

Tomato Jam

0.5 kg tomatoes
0.5 kg onion
0.5 kg sugar
1 tablespn salt
1 tablspn curry powder
3 tablespn seeded mustard
2 cups brown sugar
4 tablspn cornflour ( we find you need more to thicken it up )

dice onion and tomato
Cook them for 20 mins
add salt and sugar
cook for 10 mins
mix in curry powder, mustard and vinegar
boil for 5 mins
Allow to cool - may take overnight
stir in cornflour over low heat
leave to cool and place in clean jars

Always good to use home grown tomatoes if you can!

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